This was the first Christmas in 22yrs without waking up with my girls. Was about to cry, was totally heart broken for awhile. Was all good, still got to spend time with them, listen to them play board games and laugh. Best of all, got to make pancakes for them, as I do every Christmas.

I am looking forward to 2015. I have plans that need to be accomplished. My university courses, taking care of my health, my 3 girls, and most of all, make it to the Linkin Park summit and concert in Calgary on February 12, 2015. This is going to be my mission in life after the new year.

I hope that next year is an improvement over what has happened in the world. The beheadings of prisoners by ISIS, the hacking by North Korea, the planes being shot down, the invasion of the Ukraine, the soldiers being killed here in Canada, the senseless murders of the unarmed men, the outbreak of Ebola.

The best part of 2014, was myself receiving my liver transplant and the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. I get a new start with my life and my girls. I will make the most of it. Go out meet new people, enjoy everyday I have above ground, keep positive, set an example for my daughters, learn new things, travel to new places, try new recipes, keep an open mind, and always turn on the Linkin Park when my life seems to fall apart.