I watched a documentary about the decision of when to pronounce someone as deceased. Whether it is that the heart stops or there is no brain function.

The decision varies from hospital to hospital, province to province, and health authority to health authority. I believe that this should be changed to be a unanimous decision clear across Canada. So much time is wasted, which everyone knows, that time is something that is too valuable to waste, especially waiting for a match. This is something that I know all too well, I was on the wait list for a little over a year.

In that year I had to face and fight my hardest battle of my life. The pain was very intense, the nausea was beyond what is normal (sometimes about 20 times a day), the immense swelling of the feet and legs (as my liver was shutting down, it could no longer get rinot the poisons in my body), the sleepless days (been an insomniac since about the age of 9, I stay awake for about 20-50 hours before I can sleep again), the loss of appetite, the no energy, the pain watching my 2 daughters watching me slowly deteriorate, my mother pass away, my relationship of 10yrs crumble, the lack of motivation, the thousands of tears, the trips in the ambulance, the numerous bags of IV, the feeling of losing control of your life, being afraid, the not giving a damn, hundreds of needles for blood tests or IV, the not being able to cook and bake, not going to movies, and the most important part of last year, WAS NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE LP IN VANCOUVER!  I am not going to lie, I cried because I missed them, was too sick.

I would love to go see Chester and the rest in Calgary in February. Would love to go to the LP Summit and of course the concert. I wouldn’t have to pay for hotel or food. My sister lives in Calgary. But, who am I kidding, I won’t purchase the concert tickets or the airline tickets. I will spend what little $ I have on my 3 girls. I will just end up crying again, as I will miss seeing the most awesome band perform LIVE.

Back to organ donation and how important it is. About 3,000 Canadians are on the wait list for an organ,300 of whom, are not given that gift from God. There are NOT enough organ donors out there. I am so very grateful that I received my ‘new’ liver. After what I have been through, I feel a lot of sympathy for those fellow Canadians who suffer from one agonizing day to the next.

The days seem very endless, when you sit and think, is today the day that I am given a second chance at life.

I f you are healthy enough to donate organs, please do. It is a very selfless act, and you will be giving someone a very special gift.