I am 42yrs old and have been a huge Linkin Park fan from the very beginning. I enjoy listening to them while baking, doing housework, and especially when I am depressed or totally pissed off. Whatever mood I am in, they let me get rid of all my negative emotions and thoughts, especially when I want to commit criminal activity to someone’s body, or help cheer me up.

My mother used to call them my angry music and asked how I could understand Chester. She said she could only hear screaming. She passed away last year. My family and I miss her so much.

I have a chronic illness, have been ill for 18yrs. It has been quite the roller coaster, many ups and downs. Too many trips to the emergency room,  thousands of blood tests, a hundred trips to Vancouver for doctors appointments, countless ultrasounds, MRI’s, and x rays. I probably just about glow in the dark.

This past April I ended up in the hospital until the end of August. Was in a coma for quite a while, I had 3 operations for stomach bleeding. Then I received my miracle on the best day ever. July 4, 2014 my 15hr surgery for my liver transplant started. Now I have 2 birthdays in July.

Listening to Linkin Park was very important to me while doing my physiotherapy. My amazing oldest daughter Cheyenne, downloaded all of LP’s songs on to a flash drive. I listened to them everyday while learning how to walk again, speak again, to feed myself, help deal with all of the emotions.

Without Linkin Park, I would not have pushed myself beyond my limits and got out of the hospital so soon. I needed to get out to go home and take care of my 3 beautiful and amazing girls. Two are my natural daughters, Cheyenne (22yrs), Cadence (9yrs), and my niece Sarah (26yrs).  Sarah’s mmother, my oldest sister, passed away 10yrs ago. I have been like a mother to her ever since, have been since she was born. Her and my daughters all call themselves sisters. I get her and her 4yr old son Christmas stockings and Easter baskets every year. I have a very tight budget as I am not working, I am upgrading at UFV here in town. Going to work towards my Business Administration Diploma, I know that I won’t finish until 2019. But it will be well worth it, I figured I was given a second chance at life, I am going to make the best of it. I want to set an example for my daughters, show them that because life gives you speed bumbs, you should not give up. Besides I want to work, earn a paycheck, and contribute to society.

A young lady lost her life and gave me a gift from God. I am not going to waste it. I want to let as many people know the importance of organ donation and liver disease.

With my blog, I can now do that. Hopefully even a few people read this.