Today was just one of those days that brings me One Step Closer. If I get a chance, will have some LP therapy before bed.

Left $50 worth of groceries at the checkout. Called the store, they said as long as I have the receipt, the groceries can be replaced.

Did a little bit of Christmas shopping. By the time I was finishing the shopping, the bottom of my feet were so sore, that with every step, I was just about in tears.

Some business dude rang the doorbell and kept knocking on the door until I finally answered. I knew it was not for my house, it was for the crazy renters downstairs. I have a bloody hard enough time getting down the flippin stairs, I don’t need to go down for someone else’s guest. Good grief!

I did purchase a Christmas present for myself. A very nice piece of glass. Works very well. I would recommend this brand to everyone! I am going to use the bag that I was given, to put all my purchases that I make at 420, 2015 down at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I am going to be there anyway, will have appointment with my transplant team. Will go for my visit at the beautiful and very intelligent Vancouver General Hospital, make my way to the rally, and find a place for a bite to eat. I am excited about this year, the Price of Pot, Marc Emery, will be back. I am hoping that I have my medical marijauna license.

Wasn’t able to get any LP therapy in before bed. I couldn’t fall asleep until about 330am. Was awake at 6am, baked 2 nice, moist, and delicious white cakes for my youngest daughter’s Christmas party at school. I didn’t want to disappoint her. The whole class loved it, some didn’t believe that it was homemade.